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Purchasing from a reputable manufacturer will ensure the durability of your spa, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience problem in the future. Common woes of hot tub owners are water leaks in their spa, this can either be caused by aging, improper usage or faulty equipments. Also, leaks can occur in several areas of your spa such as the PVC pipes, union fittings, shell, pump wet end seal, valves and heater assembly manifold. This can be a daunting task to do for inexperienced people, and it can also be dangerous for you might need to deal with electrical equipments. To ensure your safety, hiring a professional plumber is always advisable. However, if you decided to solve the problem by yourself, continue reading this guide.

Diagnosing the leak

First step is to disconnect all the power from the spa before inspecting the internal equipments. The first equipment that you need to approach is the water pump, as it is common for it to suffer from leaks. If you notice leak, then apply proper treatment.

Check the union fittings of your spa if it is leaking. A hot tub that is recently moved may suffer from this problem. When retightening the union fittings, always remember not to use any tools and only do it with your hands. If there are components that hinder your movement when retightening the union fittings, try to move it but remember its exact location.

Leaks can also occur around the heater element and other adjacent places. Search for any signs of leaks and replace or fix defective parts if seen. Also look for the plumbing pipes if there are any signs of damages.

Is your spa too old?

Leaking and faulty equipment can indicate that the components of your spa is too old, and sometimes it is better to purchase a whole spa kit or upgrade the whole hot tub than having your old one repaired. With your old spa and equipments, you may suffer from leaks and other problems over and over again, which may cost you more. So if you’re planning to canvas for a new hot tub, we recommend choose hot tubs direct as a good resource for spas and hot tubs.

Leaking water jet vessels

If the water jets of your spa are leaking then it could be a troublesome problem since you’ll have to open the insulation foam. The gaskets of the water jets may deteriorate and shrink overtime, but it can be solved by using placing a new gasket and applying a generous amount of silicone sealant. However, this should be done by a professional plumber to maintain the proper insulation of your hot tub.

Leaking pipes

This problem can easily be solved by applying water sealant to the affected area or just replacing it with a new pipe. Another trick to do this is to use a clip on sealant which is very effective to treat leaks. These clip-on sealants are widely available in your local hardware stores and spa repair centers

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